The Faculty of Letters, which has been functioning since 1967 while adapting itself to the requirements of the contemporary world, is the most deep-rooted and the largest faculty of the University as per the number of students. The departments within provide academic education at undergraduate and graduate (Master's and PhD) levels. Curricula of the departments are being updated constantly in line with the emerging lines of profession and occupations in a changing and developing world. Almost every department offers courses, practices and specific programmes that will increase the competitive power of our students by adding value to them. Our Faculty has the highest number of bilateral agreements among the other faculties of the University considering the active Erasmus learning and internship mobility agreements. Further, the Faculty offers national and international learning mobility within the scope of Mevlana Exchange Programme and national learning mobility within the scope of Farabi Exchange Programme. The Department of Translation and Interpreting within the Faculty has an agreement with The University of Strasbourg, which enables students to enrol The University of Strasbourg at their sophomore year and thus, graduate from two different universities at the same time. The departments of our Faculty run 23 double major programmes among themselves and with the departments of other faculties. In addition, a vast number of minor programmes are carried out within the Faculty. Student are awarded a minor certificate as long as they meet the required standards. The Faculty of Letters keeps moving with the mission of training productive, creative and questioning individuals, who are open to change and improvement while never leaving the path of critical thinking and research, to take charge in various fields of the community.